The Boys Are Back In Town

Jeff drove to pickup the boys again today. They will be here for another two weeks, before heading back to South Carolina for the school year. So Emerson and I spent most of the day just us two, and had so much fun! And look at her adorable romper! (We love hand-me-downs!) After a few minutes of play time, we started the day with breakfast together, and she loved that applesauce pouch.

After some more play time, Emerson went down for a nap around 10:20, and ended up sleeping right at two hours. Once she was out, I showered, cleaned the bathroom and threw in a load of my laundry.  Then since I didn’t have time to finish even one cup of hot coffee at breakfast, I made myself an iced coffee instead! And it was perfect and delicious. And then I sat down to read and drink my coffee and enjoy the quiet for a while.

Once Miss Priss woke up, we met up with my parents (Pepaw & Grammy) for lunch at our favorite sammich shop, Hopkins. Emmie enjoyed lots of Veggie Straws, plus little bits here and there of things, and a few bites right off Grammy’s sammich.

We ran around town doing some errands and stuff with them for a few hours, then came home for Emerson to nap again. But she wasn’t feeling it, and popped right back up pretty much right away. So while she happily played in her crib for a little while, and took some time to deal with all her clothes! I put away some of things she had outgrown, and tidied up all the clean clothes of hers I had folded last night. I also picked out her clothes for school, and got them all lined up on her dresser and ready to go for the week. (There are only four outfits, because daycare is closed Friday, and I’m off work to stay home with her – looking forward to that already!)

And then around 6pm, Jeff and the boys got back home, and Emerson was just beside herself with excitement when they all walked inside! We loaded back up, and went to Guthrie’s for dinner. Had to treat the boys to the best chicken strips in Tally! We also needed milk (for Emmie) and make-up (for Mommy), so we stopped in the tiny Target really quickly too.

Oh, and one last thing, my Granddaddy died two years ago today, so today was a little bit hard for our family. It kind of snuck up on me today, and hit me hard out of nowhere when this picture came up in my Facebook memories this afternoon. He was the greatest man alive, and he’s missed so terribly. We know he’s celebrating with Jesus, but we miss him here on earth! He took care of all of us so well, and was the greatest example of a Godly man, father, husband, grandfather and so much more. 

The picture below was from when he helped me buy my current car, back in March 2015. He wore a shirt with cars on it to celebrate. Wasn’t he the cutest man?! Looking forward to seeing him again in Heaven one day. Say a prayer for my family please, and especially my Grandmommie, we could all use a few extra prayers and some extra love this weekend.

Emerson is now asleep, I’m watching half of a “Gilmore Girls” episode while write today’s post. Then once I’m done we’re going to get cozy and all watch a movie together. Today was a good Saturday, and I’m looking forward to more family time tomorrow! 

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