Ladies Who Lunch

Emmie wore a new onesie to school today, with some adorable little denim shorty-shorts. And the combo of the shorts and the shoes just made her look so much like a big girl to me!

Today I got to have lunch with my friend Angie, who I haven’t seen in almost a year! (Last time we had lunch, I was still on maternity leave…). I also got to meet her new 7-month-old baby boy, MJ! He has the squishiest, chubbiest cheeks, and I just wanna smooch ’em & squish ’em all day. We met at Paisley Cafe, and it was my first time there. It’s a little pricey, but we figured a splurge was worth it every once in a while, right? I ordered outside my norm, and got shrimp & grits. (It’s just not something I’m usually drawn to). And it was good! And while I liked it for sure, next time I want to try one of their sandwiches, because I’ve heard really good things about their bread. And I love me a sammich. Angie had an apple brie panini & pasta salad, and she said hers was tasty! We were definitely like fancy “ladies who lunch” today.

So I’ve mentioned before (but it’s been a while), my love for Erin Napier from Home Town on HGTV. Reading all 3,000-ish of her daily blog entries (which she wrote for eight years!) is what inspired me to start blogging again, and write daily journal entries of my own back in May. Jeff and I are also re-watching season one of her show on Hulu.

Anyways, this adorable bookshop in Thomasville, The Bookshelf, is doing a special “celebrity book subscription” picked by Erin for September, and I signed up today! Erin has great design taste, but she also has great taste in books as well, and I’m really excited to see what her surprise book choice is going to be! Erin & her husband Ben are also writing their own book, titled “Make Something Good Today,” coming out in October, and I’m looking forward to that a lot too of course. Oh, and after I signed up, I tweeted it, and then Erin herself liked & retweeted me! I felt pretty special.

In other book-ish news, I was also recently chosen to be on the “launch team” for Anne Bogel’s new book “I’d Rather Be Reading,” which comes out in a month, on September 4th. This means I’ll get a free copy of the book, in return for an honest review, and to share it on social media’s and right here on this little blog! I’m really excited about that too, and can’t wait to get my copy of the book in the mail. It’s subtitle is “The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life,” and it just sounds so perfectly up my alley! Anne writes her own blog (Modern Mrs. Darcy) and hosts a weekly book-ish podcast, and I highly enjoy both of those, so I just know I’ll love her newest book, all about books!

When I got to daycare to pick up Emerson, I was met at the front door by my sister Megan, carrying her out with all their stuff in tow! She knew I’d be there soon, so she was gonna just hang out to wait for me. While we stood there for a few minutes waiting for Uncle Bo to come pick her up, Aunt Megan taught Emerson how to use a straw!! She also practiced her walking a bit, and was very proud of herself.

Then Emmie and I met Daddy for dinner at my favorite local taco place, Locos Tacos. I always get three pastor street tacos, and they. are. amazing. Honestly, I think these are the best tacos in Tally. Jeff gets “regular” tacos, and we get chips & queso to share. They didn’t have any high chairs there (this drives me crazy, but is sadly too common on our side of town, so close to FSU), so we took turns eating/holding the babe. She also had a few tastes of queso herself, and she seemed to really love it!

And to end the post on some humor, here’s a super flattering “out-take” photo of both of us. I was asking Jeff if I had anything in my teeth before he took a photo… Great, thanks a lot.

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