Chick-fil-A & Baby Time

The best part of the working hours of the day was definitely when Jeff called to say he would be out & about, and did I want him to bring me lunch? I of course jumped at the chance and asked for my favorite from Chick-fil-A! Spicy chicken sandwich on a multigrain bun with extra pickles & honey roasted BBQ sauce, plus obviously fries & sweet tea. And since it was pouring rain, my work-friend Toni didn’t want to go out, so Jeff ordered her a sandwich too. So I also got to stay indoors where it was dry and dark, and I read my book while eating fried chicken. Yum.

And then of course the actual best part of the day was the time I got to spend with my precious baby girl! Since Jeff and I carpooled again today, I rode in the backseat for extra time with her, both before and after work. And then at home tonight, it was just us girls, while Jeff went to see a move with his dad! Emmie and I had fun hanging out together, and she was being so sweet and silly and lovey, and it just melted my heart.

The next two photos are from drop-off this morning at school, and she was dancing to the music playing in her classroom. She was in such a great mood first thing this morning!

One of her favorite things right now is playing with blankets and clothes and washcloths. She pulls them all around her head and face and sometimes even wraps it around her shoulders, and then she looks like a little old lady wearing a shaw, and it’s just too stinking adorable. We also play a lot of peek-a-boo like this. And look at those beautiful baby blues!!

Ah, here she is holding her lovey around her neck like I was describing above. She’s the silliest baby. This was after her bath, while we were waiting on her bottle to warm up.  (She still needs it practically boiling lava hot in order to drink it. She’ll drink ice water, but not cold milk. Very particular little diva girl.) She was so sleepy and sweet, and she just wanted to come cuddle Mommy.

I hope you guys don’t get tired of reading about these normal, run-of-the-mill days like this, where nothing extraordinary happens, because that’s really the majority of our lives. And honestly, that’s exactly how I like it! I’m an introverted homebody (despite the fact I share all these details on the interwebs every single day), so I feel most bestest on days like this, just casually spent with my husband and baby!

I’m currently doing my usual blogging-while-watching-Gilmore-Girls bit, with two of my favorite candles burning and filling the house with good, cozy smells. Then I have lots of dishes to catch up on (I ignored them for a couple of days), so I’m going to hit publish on this post, and then go take care of those dishes while listening to my current audiobook. Hope y’all had a good day too!

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