Strange Sunday

Today ending up being kind of a strange day. Strange in the fact that I didn’t take my first photo until 1:30pm, and after that, I still barely took any. But anyways, here’s a rundown of the day…

We went to Sunday School & church, both of which were great. Emmie wore a cute, fancy dress, that I didn’t get a photo of.

*Monday morning edit* – One of Emmie’s sweet Sunday school teachers just sent me this photo! Thank you, Mrs. Kristin!

We went out to lunch at El Jalisco with some of our friends – Jessica & Ben and their 3 boys, and Ashlee & Louis. (We also saw Jeff’s old boss {hi Lisel!} & her family, and spent a few minutes catching up with them.)

But the food was taking foreverrrr, and Emmie was exhausted. So we ordered my food to-go, and we left early, before everyone else even got their food. She fell asleep in the car immediately, and once I transferred her to the crib, she slept 2 more hours. I ate my (slightly cold) food, and Ashlee & Louis dropped Jeff off at home, I took a nap in the recliner.

Emmie woke up around 3:30, and she was ready for food! She ate 7 whole strawberries! And a few Veggie Straws. And she does this funny little thing where she tucks her toes up in the edge of the high chair tray, and it’s just so cute. She’s a silly baby girl.

Then we went over to our friends’ Ashlee & Louis’ house. They bought an older house around the same time we bought ours two years ago, and they’ve been doing some updates. We went over for Jeff to look around & consult (or something, I’m not really sure…). Emmie loved their doggie, and had a staring match with their little kitty, although they never got closer than a foot from each other. And they have this huge, beautiful oak tree in the corner of their yard, that I love!

We then went over to Jeff’s parents’ house, and had grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. We watched a video of old school dances, set to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” and Emmie was absolutely captivated by it. I mean, she just froze, and watched it wide-eyed with her mouth hanging open. It was hilarious! (And those are vibrating puppy slippers, that weigh as much as she does, but she kept carrying them around, but getting mad when they started vibrating.)

At home, we got her into her jammies, and then she wanted to help brush her hair before bedtime. She was doing it with the back of the brush, but it was still adorable.

So, busy day all over town, with only a few photos to show for it. But it was a good day! I’m watching “Gilmore Girls” now while Jeff helps someone with their computer over the phone, and enjoying the smell of my fall candles. Happy Sunday friends!

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