Pumpkins & Cracker Barrel

Started off the morning with some sweet movie rest time, watching Moana (of course), while waiting on the pumpkin cinnamon rolls to bake. Hello fall! I mean, this weekend is officially the start of fall, even if it is still in the 90’s here in Florida.

After breakfast, we ran some early morning errands. We went to Home Depot first, and they had their pumpkins right up front! I picked up a small one for Emerson to touch and feel, but she got instantly attached, and wouldn’t let me take it from her to put it back! She kept it in her lap for the whole 20-minute shopping trip, so we ended up buying this little guy.

At Walmart, she didn’t want to ride in the proper part of the buggy, and she didn’t want to be carried – she only wanted to walk by herself. We let her do that for a while, and she had fun hiding in some clothes, and then finally she had fun riding in the cart playing with all the yogurts.

Once we got home, she had last night’s leftover Velveeta shells & cheese for lunch, and immediately fell asleep for her nap around 11:30.

Jeff tested out his new pressure washer today, and he’s going to do some more with it tomorrow.

And I’m finally showing off our new coffee table we made! We bought this beech wood slab from Lowe’s & ordered the hairpin legs from Amazon. Jeff put it all together, then we sanded, stained, and sealed the wood. Loving it so much! (You can also see the little tiny side table we painted white as well, on the far right side.)

For dinner, we met my family at Cracker Barrel to celebrate my Mama’s birthday! It’s actually next weekend, but we got a head start, since next weekend will be super busy & some of us are going to be out of town. We didn’t order a meal specifically for Emerson, but practically all of us shared something with her from our meals, so she ate like 12 different things, for her very own schmorgasboard. (Eggs, grits, mac & cheese, dumplings, corn, mashed potatoes, pancakes with blackberry, biscuit, corn bread, green beans, hash browns, orange slice & sausage. Wowzers!)

After dinner, everyone (except Grandmommie – we missed you!) came back to our house to just hang out a little more. Grammy bought little girl this “Peanuts” Christmas t-shirt at dinner, & Emmie just had to try it on.

Then Aunt Meggie picked out her jammies for the night, and even though they were a bit too big, they were absolutely adorable, and Emerson knew it!

It was a great Saturday fully of great family time. Looking forward to more family time tomorrow!

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