Gold Ballet Flats

Emerson made some tea to share with her teachers & friends at daycare this morning.

Her little bare legs, that purple romper, & those gold ballet flats… Too cute to handle! Am I right?!

At home tonight, while dinner was cooking in the oven, she helped Daddy sand the painted legs of my little tiny table.

But then she didn’t want to give it back, so instead her and I walked up & down the stairs to the front porch, and then up and down the little narrow front porch. This also made me realize we might need to put up a a railing on the porch, because it’s about a 3-4′ drop down to the ground! I stayed right next to her with my hand on her pretty much all the time, but this Mama was nervous!

Then when I went back in to work on dinner, Emerson & daddy did a few things around the back yard, like fill up our bird feeder, and work on cutting some weeds & vines.

And I got to watch them work from the kitchen window, while I tended the stove-top. (I was also boiling & sanitizing her pacifiers on the back burner, after her virus this past week.)

We had a really fancy dinner of fish sticks, Velveeta shells & cheese, and green beans. And Emmie did pretty good dipping her fish, but she ate a few spoonfulls of just straight-up ketchup.

She went to bed super easily tonight, right at 7:30, and then I washed all the dishes while listening to my audio book. Also, I gotta toot my own horn for just a second, because we cooked at home 4 nights this week (only night we didn’t was Wednesday because of church), and I washed dishes & cleaned up after dinner each night! That doesn’t happen very often, and I’m proud of myself!

Jeff and I love watching/binging whole series of shows on Netflix. Our very favorite is Parks & Rec, which we’ve literally watched countless times from start to finish. This past week though, we found & started watching “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” on Hulu, and it’s so funny so far! I’d heard of it before, but I thought it was an hour-long drama, but it’s actually a short 30-minutr sitcom. Well, 21 minutes because there are no commercials! We’ve been watching a few episode every night this week, and loving it! Gonna jump into that now, and enjoy a quiet Friday night at home.

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