100 Degrees & Ready For Fall

We made our usual stop at the front desk this morning, for Emerson to get some loves from Aunt Meggie, and wave & smile at the photo of Uncle Bo.

Once she was in her classroom, she started walking all over the place checking out everything. She goes to the books, and to the play kitchen, and to the phone bank for her morning calls. In the first picture, she was staring at the back door like something was happening, but it was pretty ordinary. In the second photo, she was watching the new kid crying in the corner. I told her she needed to go play with him and be a good friend so he wouldn’t be sad.

And you guys, where is fall? I know it’s Florida, I get it, but “real feel” of 100° still? Could we at least get to the upper 80’s sometime soon? I’m ready for fall! Who’s with me?!

For dinner we had beef lo mein and spring rolls, and just like last time, Emmie ate an entire spring roll herself! That girl is really eating these days! I mean, she’s still tiny, but she’s eating! Her whole stomach is probably the size of a spring roll, so her little belly was stuffed full & tight when she finished!

And once again, I tried to capture sunlight with my cell phone, and it clearly wasn’t as spectacular in the photo. But it’s still pretty, despite the mess at the other end of the dining table!

While I was filling up the bath tub for Emmie’s bath time, Daddy was helping her brush her teeth. He also demonstrated so she would copy-cat him, and it worked!

I got her down for bedtime really easily, and she was out like a light in no time.

While I washed up all the dishes, and cleaned up from dinner, I listened to my current audio book, which is getting really strange and interesting. I’ve never been much into Greek mythology or fiction about it, so this is my first real taste of it, and it’s good so far!

Gonna take it easy the rest of the night, and enjoy some down time.

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