From Sunrise to Sunset

The sky is just so pretty every morning & every evening. And even though cell phones still can’t really capture it, I still pull it out to snap a quick photo every time, because I just can’t help it!

All of my drop-off photos from this morning look cloudy & out of focus, but you can still see her cuteness, so it’s okay.

On my way to work I finished listening to “Brown Girl Dreaming,” and then started a new one on my lunch break, “Circe” (both of which which I digitally checked out from the library through the Libby app). And in case you were wondering where I went on my lunch break, I went to the library to pick up a book I had been waiting on the holds list for.

Lots of family was out of town again tonight, so we didn’t do our normal dinner get-together. Instead, I went through the line at Chick-fil-A, andet Grammy at church. Grandmommie also stopped by once she got there, and we had some girl time before church and choir started.

And check out the sunrise on the way home. Those clouds!

This sweet baby girl was super, super tired after a long day, so she only wandered around the house long enough to let her bottle of milk heat up. And she carried her puppy dog with her everywhere today. Ugh, it’s so cute it kills me!

I had a sinus headache & serious pressure for most of Sunday through Tuesday, and it finally went away late last night. Unfortunately it’s coming back again tonight, my nose s tuffy, and my voice is super scratchy (singing at choir was difficult tonight actually). I hate being sick, so I’m really hoping & praying I can kick this to the curb, and quickly!

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