Spaghetti Night

Sweet little baby cowgirls, in their cute little moo-cow-print dresses!

Meg carpooled with me again today for the first time in a little bit, but in all the chaos, we only got a picture of two of the three triplets, when one of them suddenly didn’t want to…

But we all made it where we were supposed to be, to school & work, and we all had good days. (Maybe not great for us at work, but good enough, ya know?)

But it looks like Addie had a good day as usual at daycare.

Coincidentally, Meg and I actually both had spaghetti on the menu for this week, and we both made it for our families tonight. I can say for us, it was delish! And You can see we had leftovers, so I’ll get to eat it again tomorrow.

Little girls praying together before dinner.

Jeff took care of the girls while I washed up the dishes after dinner. Then we got their jammies on, watched an episode of Bluey, and then got started on bedtime.

For Emerson’s first 9 weeks in 1st grade, we just had to record every book we read, with a goal of 25; and we actually read 51 books! But for the second 9 weeks, she has to read each book 2-3 times, and then take a little reading comprehension test on it at school, before returning it and checking out a new book. So we won’t read as many books this quarter, but hopefully she’ll meet her AR goal, and get to do the AR (“Accelerated Reader”) celebration at the end of the 9 weeks.

I ended up falling asleep in the recliner in the living room much earlier than usual last night, and didn’t even read before bed, which you know means I was super tired! So we’ll see how I do tonight, or if I end up snoozing here in the next hour or so already… 😉

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