Church Day

Beautiful little girls, looking beautiful in more fall dresses for church this morning. Jeff had to be there early at 8:30 for his turn serving in the sound booth in GC kids, but I had the day off, so the girls and I didn’t even have to leave the house until 9:30, and that was so nice!

And just always, we had a great morning service today. Meg was actually singing on praise team today, so when she finished singing, she got to come sit by me, while our husbands were in kids church.

We ended up back at Panda Express for lunch again today, because it’s just so quick and easy and a good amount of food for the price, and the girls both eat it so well!

It was of course nap time as soon as we got home from lunch, and Addison and I both slept for 2.5-3 hours. Emerson on the other hand said she “couldn’t sleep,” and Jeff just dozed off in the recliner for a while.

After nap time, it was time to head back to church for dinner and Connect Groups. We had chicken and rice for dinner (which I took a giant container of leftovers home for later this week), and had fun playing during dinner. Then our parenting class discussed friends and bullies and how to help our kids make good friends, and be good friends, and how to deal with bullies.

Addie was still hungry when we got home, so I offered her some chicken and rice that we brought home. I fed her a few bites to see if she really wanted to eat, and then offered to put it in a bowl for her. But she insisted she wanted to just stand on the stool and eat it straight out of the big container all by herself.

Then I had Emerson over at the coffee table, eating cottage cheese straight out of the tub again.

Everybody was very tired, as it was about 30 minutes past the time they’re normally asleep, by the time we finished snacks and everything. So Emerson was asleep in her bed in literally minutes, and and Addison was asleep with Jeff on the couch in just a few more minutes after Emmie.

We’ve got a few things to prep and take care of before starting the new week, and we’ll probably watch a TV show or one of our YouTube travel channels we like, but I doubt it’ll be long before I’m asleep again myself… Today was pretty much just a church day, but it was a great day!

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