Pumpkin Patch

We’ve had another great Saturday, full of fall activities and family time. So thankful for this chill day, after such a busy couple of weeks! We started the morning by meeting up with PopPop for breakfast at Keke’s Breakfast Cafe. Nana was out of town, so we missed her, but we enjoyed this nice breakfast out! And the girls thought it was so fun to go in their pj’s.

Afterwards, we went back home for a little bit, in order to get dressed for real, and get ready for a visit to the pumpkin patch! Emerson has been dying to go for a few weeks now, but this morning’s weather was actually very perfect, so I’m glad we waited until today. It was just the right temp, and not too crowded, and we had such a nice time.

Emmie was very fascinated with the little cicada shells, and once Daddy explained it to her, and she got up close and personal with it, she wasn’t the least bit scared of it, and wanted to keep it forever! I literally had to make her throw it out the window of the car, when she tried to bring it home with her. Oh and yes, we did show her how to hang it on her shirt like I know we all did back in the day.

Frother’s Daughter coffee truck was at the pumpkin patch today, and even though there was a crazy long line, we still got some fancy iced maple lattes. I stood in the long line, while Jeff let the girls play in the pumpkins some more, and it really wasn’t bad waiting for it. And I always think it’s worth waiting, because it’s such a delicious coffee treat.

The girls had some of their leftover French toast and fruit from breakfast for their lunch, and they both ate very well. Then it was nap time for Addie Pie, and Emmie-cille worked on some of her homework in my bed.

Then while Addie was napping, and Jeff was doing some work around the house, Emerson and I made a quick trip to the library (she picked out this new outfit on her own, and I thought she looked especially adorable), and then to Walmart. I didn’t do a grocery pickup order this weekend, so we had to go in and shop for ourselves, but she was the sweetest little helper.

Once we took our groceries home, and Addison woke up from her nap, we went out to Grammy and Papa’s house to spend some time with them. We felt like we hadn’t seen them much lately, so I texted Mama around lunch time to make some last-minute plans, and I’m so glad we did that, because we had such a nice time together with them.

The girls had a bath and some snacks and then we finally hit the road back home. Both girls actually fell asleep on the ride home, and Emerson went straight to her bed and was asleep in about one minute. Addison wanted to cuddle up with Daddy on the couch, but it didn’t take long before she was totally asleep too.

I uploaded all of our Nola pics into separate blog posts last night, and then slowly wrote out all the stories and hyper-linked all the restaurants and everything during the day today. It was fun writing up all of that and reminiscing on our trip from just a few days ago, so check it out if you haven’t yet!

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