Little Addie Pie wasn’t in the mood for pictures this morning, but she was still fine and everyone had a good drop-off at school today.

This came across my Facebook feed today, and I just really loved this quote.

Sweet little Addie at school, doing some work and art.

I took off work early today to take Emerson to gymnastics, and she did so great! But all I got was this one blurry photo outside afterwards…

I made a bunch of store-bought Asian foods tonight, a smorgasbord of Chinese, Korean and maybe Japanese; just whatever we had in the freezer/pantry that I could throw together.

We didn’t love the little Korean rice cakes, but the honey chicken was delicious, and the noodles were so good. Emerson reached over and ate all of Addison’s chicken too. Emmie is always so starving on gym days, and eats so well those nights.

Emerson brought home her little school picture today, and she’s just so adorable with her choker & school-themed dress, even with slightly wild hair and a barrette in a weird spot 🙂

Addie isn’t exactly feeling great tonight, but we actually have a follow-up ENT appointment for her tomorrow (to check up on the tubes she had put in 1.5 years ago), so maybe they can also just give her a quick check while we’re there. Pray that she can get some sleep tonight though, so that we can get some sleep too!

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