Overnight Oats

Little sweetie pies, both happy and smiley today.

Before school, I took Addison to the ENT for a follow-up on the tubes she got way back in March 2022. One has already fallen out, and the other is hanging on by a thread. So instead of waiting 6 months to go back, they want us to come back in 3 months to check up. We especially want to keep a close eye during the cold & flu season through the winter. But for now, she’s doing good!

I finally made it to my office at 9:30, and finally got to eat my breakfast. Last night, I made up three jars of pumpkin spice overnight oats for the rest of the week. I actually put a little bit too much of the spice in it, but it was still really good, even if it just looks like brown mush.

Couple of pics of Addie at school.

Tonight was our usual Wednesday night routine with kids choir and praise team, followed by worship & prayer night. The girls were sweet and cuddling with Pretzel when we got back home, before getting them bundled off to bed.

Emerson and Pretzel have been really bonding and cuddling a lot lately, and she was so happy he jumped up in her bed with her during our bedtime routine. He didn’t stay when I left the room, but she still loved it.

Emmie has been asleep for a while now, but Addie has a pretty rough cough still tonight, and is having a hard time settling down. We’ve given her some meds, and the done the chest rub stuff, plus we’ve got the humidifier going in her room. She did not sleep well last night (her and I spent the night on the couch together from midnight to 5am), so we really hope she does better tonight.

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