Parking Lot Cookout

Addison had another rough night last night, and her cough seemed to be getting worse. So I decided to take her to the doctor’s office, to get her checked out. It’s not flu, covid, or RSV, her lungs sounded fine, and she doesn’t have an ear infection. There’s a possibility it was croup, but they only treat it within the first 48 hours, and she’s on day 3. So basically, whatever it is just needs to run it’s course…

After we left the pediatrician’s office, I took Addison back home, and Grandmommie came over to take care of her for the day. Grandmommie reported she was still a little down and pitiful for most of the morning, but she took a good nap, and then was back to her usual, happy, playful self by this afternoon.

Emerson on the other hand, was happy, healthy, lively and excited for school!

Today at work was our annual fall cookout, and it was a beautiful day! There are about 750 people in our office, so it was a bit chaotic, but this crazy long line only took about 20 minutes to get through. You can see they set up those big giant tents with tables and chairs in the parking lot, and it was actually pretty nice.

This food truck catered everything for the whole office, and it was really good. We all got pulled pork & a roll to make a slider, then we got to choose between white or dark meat, plus beans & slaw.

After I picked up Emerson this afternoon, she was so engrossed reading her pumpkin book on the way home.

When I got home to Addison and Grandmommie, Addie was running wild and happy and playing, and seemed to be back to her normal self! I made breakfast for dinner – bacon, biscuits, eggs & pears. Everyone always loves breakfast for any meal, and both girls ate really well. Addie hadn’t actually eaten very much today, but she finally ate a good meal at dinner time, so I was glad for that.

I washed up some dishes after dinner, while Jeff and the girls just hung out a little bit. Then of course it was jammies, and Bluey on the couch, and the usual bedtime routines. This silly little kitty cat read her book one more time, and then had to take this off because she was too hot.

We put a pillow in Addie’s crib for her to try that out for the first time. Maybe that slight elevation instead of just laying flat in her bed will help her drainage and cough, and then maybe she can sleep better. Last night, I was on the couch with her again from about midnight through 5am, so that was a rough night. Really, really hoping she can finally have a good night’s rest, because good grief we all need that!

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