Slow, Sleepy Sunday at Home

Sunday mornings are always extremely busy. So much so, that I usually don’t even take one photo until after church is over. I got there early for one last praise team rehearsal, then went to Sunday school, followed by worship hour. As usual, Emerson stayed awake the entire 3-ish hours. My dad had nursery duty during worship hour, and when he opened the door of her classroom, to check on the baby next door, Emerson slipped out & just took off! So he let her walk all over the place, just following along behind her. He texted me towards the end of the service, and said with all her walking, she had probably walked half a mile! And so after we got in the car, and she played with her bib for two seconds, she was out like a light!

We picked up McAlister’s to-go (Jeff was wanting it yesterday after hearing we had it yesterday), and came back home. We ate lunch together, and Emerson loved the potatoes, and having bites of our sandwiches like a big girl. And then she went back to sleep! So I put on my pj’s, and got comfy on the couch, and enjoyed a nice afternoon nap myself! We both slept for about two hours and woke up feeling much more refreshed and ready to play!


I’ve been trying to make sure she’s not scared of the vacuum cleaner like I was as a child – apparently my mom had to keep it hidden away in closet because the mere sight of it sent me into hysterics. So after I picked up all her myriad of toys off the floor, I let her just hang around the living room while I vacuumed. She kinda wandered around, hanging on the chair or the couch, then finally just plopped down to watch. And while she was maybe a little leery of it, she certainly wasn’t screaming or freaking, so I’d say that’s good.

We warmed up leftover pizza from Friday night for dinner, and Emerson just had  to dip her cheese sticks in the marinara sauce on her own. She straight to the bathtub we went! She enjoyed a nice hot bottle of milk, and was completely asleep in just a few minutes, wearing some adorable hand-me-down moo cow pajamas.

Now that the living room is clean, and we’ve got a load of laundry in the washer, we’re gonna settle down and watch a movie together. I think I’ll make some mot mint tea as well, that just sounds so cozy, especially since my sinuses have been bothering me for a few days.

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