Parking Lot 2nd Dinner

This outfit was purchased specifically for her to wear to school on her first birthday. But it was so cute, I really wanted her to wear it one more time before she outgrew it, and we just barely skated by, with these tight little unicorn pants. But I love it!

For dinner tonight, Emerson, Jeff and I had dinner with my parents at Island Wing Company. The men had deacon’s meeting at church tonight, so we decided to meet up to grab dinner together before that. I had a Southwestern Chicken salad, which was good, but not great, but I think that’s partly because I don’t like the chipotle ranch dressing that came with it. But once I asked for regular ranch, it was better.

Tonight was kids eat free night, so we ordered grilled chicken tenders and fries for Emerson. She did OK, and ate a good bit of her own food, plus a few bits of my dad’s sliders. Then we all finished up, paid, and the men left for church.

Mama, Emerson and I were standing chatting in the parking lot, and Emerson realized my mom had a to-go box. She started pointing at it, and doing these cute little grunts. So Grammy opened up her box, and started feeding her bites of the last slider. She ate about half of it like that! And then she realized there was pasta in the box, so she needed to try the chili mac too. Which she also then ate quite a bit of. Before long, there was cheese all over our fingers, and her cheeks. Then she leaned forward to give me an open-mouthed, cheesy-chili-mac kiss, and it was so funny and so sweet. 

We made it home safely, got cleaned up, and got a bottle of hot milk cooked up for her. While I was getting it ready, she sat on the counter sweetly, playing with one of her rubber duckies. 

Jeff is already one the way home from a short meeting, and Emerson is in her crib, fighting sleep. (I rocked her first, and laid her down, but she keeps popping up every now and then.) I’m going to go read a little bit, because I have about 50 pages left of a library book that was due today. Gonna see if I can plow through it, and turn it in tomorrow, only a day late.

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