Phone Calls & Phish Food

There’s just something about here laying there, all by herself, holding her own morning breakfast bottle, that makes her seem so much like a big girl instead of a little baby. And it’s both adorable and sad at the same time, because my girl is growing up too fast. 

On the 15-minute drive to school this morning, this little girl was just chatting away in the backseat the entire time. Then when we got into her classroom, and in the theme of her Chatty Cathy-ness, she had a few morning calls to make. She’ll be accepting her new position as an office receptionist, or old-school switchboard operator any day now…

And then after all of her busy morning phone duties, she got crazy and took a two-and-a-half hour nap! Which just blew my mind! I think that’s the longest nap she’s ever had at school, and on her little cot no less! I was just amazed. 

We had pot roast, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner. I was trying to keep Emmie relatively clean and fed her myself. But that girl could NOT get enough mashed potatoes! We kept feeding her and feeding her, and she just kept wanting more. So then we scraped the bottom of the pot, and she still hadn’t had enough. So then we let her eat off the wooden spoon. And she was still mad when we wouldn’t give her any more. This girl just loves food lately!

Then we had some fun, sweet playtime together, while Daddy ran a quick errand to Walgreen’s. She never sits still anymore, and she’s getting harder and harder to to keep up with! Once she started really showing all the signs of tiredness, we got her a quick bath to get all the mashed potatoes off of her face.

Now that Emerson is clean and dry and sound asleep, we are going to try to finish “Avengers: Infinity War” which we started last night, but I fell asleep about an hour in. So if you’ll excuse me now, there’s a pint of my favorite ice cream in the fridge that Jeff picked up at Walgreen’s earlier. 


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