Little Fire Chief

Just like yesterday, Emerson had to immediately get to work making some phone calls once we got to school this morning. She’s such a busy girl, ya know!


The next three pictures were sent to me from the school in our daily app updates. The first two were from arts & crafts time, sponge-painting, wearing a new smock! She was clearly having fun, and was so proud of herself. And then the third one was wearing some of their dress-up clothes. Such a cute little cow-poke in her cow print vest.

We got to meet my family for dinner again tonight before church. Emerson ordered a grilled cheese sammich, and ate the whole thing! Well, all except the crusts. She also had plenty of cheerios, bites of chips, some of my meatball sub, and she found out she really likes cherry lime-aid. But surprisingly, she wasn’t really feeling her first taste of chocolate milk. 

She thought it was hilarious when Pepaw was wearing the Fire Chief hat. But she would only keep it on her own head for about .2 seconds. But luckily I’m quick enough I still got a couple photos.

That little bruise on her cheek is from where a friend at school was waving a toy around a little too close to Emmie’s face, and accidentally hit her. Poor nugget. But she’s clearly a tough girl, and I think we’ll all make it out OK. 

Emerson’s surgery on Friday is getting super close, and I’m starting to get nervous. I’m trying not to think about things, but the mind just has a tendency to wander and concoct the worst-case scenario’s… We’re still waiting on the surgical nurse to call tomorrow afternoon, to give us instructions and tell us what time to show up on Friday. Say a prayer for us, please?

And now we’re going to attempt to finish Avengers, for the third night in a row. I fell asleep Monday, about 45 minutes in. Jeff fall asleep last night around 1.5 hours. And there’s still about an hour to go. I’ve got half of my pint of Phish Food ice cream left, so here we go!

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