Sister Coffee Date

Another beautiful sunrise this morning! Look at those sunrays!!!

And then there’s these two beautiful girls of mine too!!

I absolutely love these two together, and how much Emerson loves Addison, and how much Addison is already so entertained by Emerson. This little snuggle before the school day is just so precious!

I’ve been really wanting to try out this adorable little coffee truck, The Frother’s Daughter, for a while now. I hadn’t been able to make it work recently, after a few specific attempts even. But today, Megan and I made a plan to go on our lunch break, and we finally made it! She was parked in the middle of FSU’s campus, and I was the oldest one in the line of 20-ish girls all in their late-teens/early-twenties (which made me feel like an absolute dinosaur), but the coffee was delicious and the owner/barista girl was super sweet, and Meg and I had fun together!

When I got to school to pick up the girls, the tiniest girl was sound asleep in the tiny swing. Again, I hated to pick her up and wake her up, but I also wanted some snuggles and loves, and to take her home, obviously.

Even with the extra coffee today, I was still super stinking tired this afternoon. I had been reviewing/auditing a difficult case all afternoon at work, and it wore me out and gave me a headache. I have also been awake since 4:30am today, when Addie woke up for her first bottle. So, with all that, I decided I didn’t want to cook, and instead, the girls and I went through a drive-thru.

By the way… one of my biggest pet peeves is people who try to cut the line in a drive-thru, and then yell at you when you don’t let them in. I’m a rule-follower, and I get very mad when others don’t follow simple, every-day, universally understood rules like that. But anyways… my spicy chicken sandwich (with extra pickles I added at home) from Culver’s was yummy, and Addie loved watching all of us at the dinner table again tonight.


We had a little couch-cuddle-time after dinner, before getting both girls (and myself) changed into our jammies. Then I fed Addison a bottle, and Jeff read Emerson her bedtime story.

Addison sucked down her entire bottle, and then fell asleep on my shoulder within 30 seconds of finishing. She was out like a light, and has been ever since!

Emerson also went to sleep really sweetly and easily tonight too. And since we got take-out, there aren’t a billion dishes to wash (just a couple coffee cups and the bottles), so it won’t take long to get those things taken care of, before I head to bed early tonight, since I’m still feeling so exhausted.

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