Scratchy Fox Book

My colorful little girlies were ready for another day at school, looking as cute as ever.

I found this taped up outside of Addison’s classroom today, with their cute little summer goals from when the teachers interviewed them. Apparently I need to figure out this scratchy fox book situation, since she mentioned it twice!

We had taquitos out on the back porch for dinner tonight, but Jeff stayed inside cuz it was too hot for him. The girls and I loved it though, and I sat outside watching an author talk through the library’s website, while the girls ran around and played for a long time after we ate.

Emerson was truly icky and needed a quick shower when we went back inside. But Addison was fine and just needed a quick wipe-down and she was good to go. They were worn out from all their playing, so after Bluey & prayers & lullabies, both were asleep quickly!

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