Awards Night

How cute are these girlies in their coordinating pink gingham today?!

So last night while I was cooking dinner, I also made myself a giant salad to bring to work for lunch today, including my own homemade dressing. This was basically the viral “grinder sub” that I love so much, in a salad form, with diced salami & cheese, chopped carrots, & sliced red onion, and the dressing was made with mayo, olive oil, sub dressing, garlic, chopped jalapenos & chopped pepperonicini. And this was one of the tastiest salads I’ve ever made.

For a random little trip down memory lane, Google made this little collage of photos of Meg and I, from my college graduation trip to NYC with the two of us, plus Aunt Q & Mama. Such good memories, of such a great trip!

But towards the end of the afternoon I wasn’t feeling well, so I left work early to go home and rest. So I lit my favorite candle and just laid on the couch watching Netflix by myself, which his so rare actually.

So then Jeff left work a tiny bit early to go pick up both girls from their schools, and he took them to dinner at Chick-fil-A before heading to church.

Tonight was awards night at church for the weekly GC Girls & GC Boys classes, to showcase all the little badges they’ve earned this semester and all the things they learned. Emmie actually led the whole church in the pledge of allegiance tonight, and did a great job with that. I was so proud of her!

It was late by the time everyone got home, so the girls got to sleep late, but were very sweet and loving and cuddly. Gonna continue getting more rest now tonight, and hopefully wake up feeling better tomorrow morning!

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