Danish & Latte

Sweet little matchy girls, even though we couldn’t quite get sister pics together, because Emmie was a little slow this morning 😉

And my girl Roz and her coffee truck were back in my office parking lot today for the summer time! I’m sure I won’t stop to treat myself every single Thursday they’re here, but of course I had to do it this morning.

They have permanently added the Cinnamon Roast Crunch latte on their daily menu, instead of just a monthly special available for one month only, and I’m SO glad for that, because it’s so delicious.

Today was a super busy day at work, with tons of emails and phone calls. But it wasn’t too stressful, and I didn’t have to stay late, so we’re calling it a good day. And then I got to pick up these adorable little sweeties!

Jeff went to a tech/computer networking thing tonight that he goes to every few months, so it was just a girls pizza & Jungle Book night. Emmie really loves pineapple pizza, so I got her this frozen one from Walmart with ham & pineapple, and she absolutely loved it, and ate so much of it. Addie on the other hand, picked off like 2 pieces of ham, and then gorged herself on Cheez-its.

The girls had a long bath with lots of playing and splashing afterwards, while I read my Kindle book for a while, while they played. We found clean jammies, and got their hair brushed, they both picked a snack (cookies for Addie, and more pizza for Emmie), and then they curled up next to me on the couch together to watch Bluey. After a few episodes, I turned on one of our “sleepy videos” on YouTube, and they were both sound asleep within like 5 minutes flat, before Jeff even got home.

I sat there reading while they slept for about 20 minutes, then carried them each to their own beds. Jeff got home right after I laid them down, and I got him to start up a load of laundry for us. I only have to work a half day tomorrow, and then I’m getting off early to go to the VPK graduation for the triplets! Gonna be fun and so cute!

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