VPK Grad for the Triplets!

Look at these little cuties, ready for the last day of the school year!

They’ve really gotten into having Emmie carry Addie around a lot lately, and although it makes me a little nervous sometimes, it’s still very cute.

First day of 1st grade for Emmie on the left, vs today on the last day of 1st grade on the right! 🏫

She has grown and matured so much this year, and her understanding of the world just feels so grown up to me sometimes. She’s got a BIG summer ahead of her, but we just wanna soak up these days and let them be little ☀️

And of course sweet little Addison just loves her big sister so much! 🩷

The Filipino food truck was back at my office today, so I decided to get the same grilled chicken & rice bowl that I got the first time. But this time I asked for an extra side of the vinegar sauce, and it was sooo good!

Jeff picked up Emerson from school a little bit early, and they went to the Chinese buffet for lunch. Emmie loves Chinese food, so a whole buffet was quite a treat for her!

Then the whole family met up at Bradfordville (coincidentally, our old church) to watch the VPK graduation program for the triplets! They sang adorable little songs and waved flags and showed a heart-warming slideshow. I, of course, teared up about 4 or 5 different times, because everything was so sweet and I’m so proud of them!

We picked up Addie girl after the graduation (she was napping during, so we didn’t want to wake her up), and then went home early and just had some time to hang out and chill.

Baked a couple of mini chicken pot pies for dinner for Jeff and I, and some of those little kids frozen dinners like we used to eat back in the 90’s, with the nuggets & corn & brownie for the girls.

Addie loved her “coffee cup” and thought she was such a big girl with it.

Jeff and I sat at the table listening to music and just enjoying the night, while Emmie and Addie played “wild girls” like from one of the Bluey episodes. They were peeling up little patches of moss from behind the box woods, and laying them out over the cinder block they decorated their “wild girls” area with. Geez Louise, they’re just so stinking cute!

Then I was texting with my old college roommate and friend Bridget, and she was like, “Did you check your mail today?” And I was like, “Noooo….!?!?” So Emmie and I went out to check, and we found this package waiting in the mailbox.

Turns out, it was this delicious almond cream that she was telling me about a week or so ago. I love almond-flavored things, so I knew I wanted to give it a try, but I wasn’t able to find it here in town. So she surprised me by mailing me some! We immediately grabbed a bag of pretzels to dip into it for a taste-test, and Emmie and I both loved it. Gonna try to find some other ways to use it, like maybe on toast with some raspberries. Yummm.

We did a little 5-minute clean-up in the living room, to get everything back neat and tidy. And then obviously it was time for Bluey. Bedtime went quick and easy tonight, because they were both exhausted from so much afternoon play time. Looking forward to a three-day weekend now!

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