Fishy Girls

We had some cereal for breakfast, then Jeff mowed the front yard (look at those lines!) and Emmie helped me clean up all over the house inside. We spent about two hours tidying up the dining room (it was super cluttered) then folding roughly four loads of laundry and getting it all hung up and put away.

The girls had some leftover taquitos from the other night for their lunch, and then I got Addie down for an early nap. I ran out to grab some subs for lunch for Jeff and I, and when I got there to pick up my mobile order, I saw they were now selling their pepper relish in a jar, so I had to get some because I love that stuff. And this sandwich slapped, as the kids say… it was seriously so good today.

After Jeff got cleaned up, and we woke Addie up, we packed up all of our bathing suits and loaded up in the car. But of course I had to make myself a gigantic iced coffee for the road first.

But then Jeff wanted to stop at the gas station for an energy drink, and he came back out with a drink carrier of three slushies for his girls – cotton candy for Em, watermelon for Addie, and coffee for me.

Addie loved showing off her adorable little two-piece “baby soup.”

The trippies were also sporting some super cute new swim suits too, that they got for their birthday a couple months back. (I actually want to get these for my girls too, because I really love lemon- and/or orange-themed stuff.)

We stayed out in the pool for almost two hours, and they were actually little fishy girls, swimming around like crazy today. Actually, all four of the big girls were swimming like crazy and are already better at it than they were last summer. Ellie especially made the biggest improvement today, and we were all so proud of her!

Once we finally dragged all the girls out of the pool, we took turns bathing all the little people, and getting them into some dry clothes. Grammy made a big breakfast casserole, a crock pot full of cheesy hash browns, and an entire tray of biscuits for dinner. And after these super hungry girls finished their multiple requests for more or this or that, there was quite literally nothing left!

Feeding some corn to the deer who were on their way through the yard…

The girls found their way into Grammy’s closet (totally on their own, with no adult supervision), and each picked out one of her dresses for a little bit of dress-up time. Good grief they’re all so cute!

We all headed back home after that, and my girls were so stinking tired. Emerson fell asleep in the car in just a few minutes, and Addison fought it until the end, and finally gave in just a few minutes from home.

Emerson was so tired she actually wanted to go straight to bed, but Addison still needed her normal routine and wanted to watch one Bluey “holdy Daddy.” It took a while to get her ready to actually lay in her bed, but she was out like a light once we got her down. I’m gonna watch a Netflix movie and re-do my fingernails now.

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