Survivor Sunday

Look at these adorable matching girlies before church today. I sang on the worship team today, so I was there for rehearsal early, and Jeff did a good job taking these photos when he brought the girls a little later. (He was actually working the tech booth in GC kids, so we were both serving today.)

I really loved how Emerson accessorized her outfit today, with her floral crown and little jute purse. Good grief she’s so cute it kills me!

We had a great morning in church, and I loved signing with Meg, as I always do. We also did communion during the end of the service, while the worship team was on stage, and luckily I didn’t do anything embarrassing while doing that. 😉

Then we went out to lunch with some friends and family at Dreamland BBQ, where kids eat free on Sundays. And I got to hold my friends newborn baby, for some super sweet little baby snuggles.

After lunch, Jeff and Addie went straight home, and Emmie and I went by Walmart to pickup our weekly grocery order. We got all the cold stuff put away, and then all 4 of us took a nap.

When the girls and I woke up, Emmie wanted to watch Survivor, so I picked one of my favorite old school seasons (season 7, Pearl Islands, which was the pirate-themed one, from 2003) and started it up. Emmie fixed up little cups of baby carrots and ranch for the girls’ snack and they were so sweet eating their snack together.

Then I got a little experimental in the kitchen, trying out a few snacky recipes. One for everything but the bagel crackers, and some almond butter energy bites. Both turned out pretty good!

I had also ordered a small packet of matcha powder, so I tried making a matcha latte with strawberry frothed milk, but it didn’t turn out so great, and I didn’t actually drink it. Gotta do some more experimenting with that…

I made the girls some simple “snack plates” for dinner, with turkey, cheese, raspberries, carrots, and some of the snacks I made today. But while I was putting that together, the girls were dressed up in leotards and tutus, doing “Let It Go” karaoke together.

Then I threw on some comfy clothes, grabbed my Yeti full of ice water, and hopped in the car to head to Meg & Bo’s house, for a little mini Survivor finale watch party, with just the three of us! (This is why Emmie wanted to watch it this afternoon ,because I told her I was doing this tonight.)

We even ordered some snacks and apps from Applebee’s to share for the party, because Applebee’s was a big sponsor, and there was a whole ordeal about a burger at a reward challenge. It was so fun to just chill out, eat some food, and watch TV together!

I’m sure Jeff and the girls were fine for their bedtime, and I had fun on my little night out!

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