Blueberries & Blossoms

Look at these two little sweeties loving on each other before school today.

I had put Emerson’s hair in a nice ponytail, and then she twirled it up into this little clip her bestie Daisy gave her. And I thought it looked so cute like that. I’m gonna have to get her a few more clips like this, maybe for her birthday in July.

I’m back on my cottage cheese toast for breakfast again, this time with raspberries, pistachios & some hot honey. And yes, this was of course delicious.

Then for lunch, Mama, Meg, Aunt Q and I all went out to Milano’s. Meg & baby boy were craving a little bit of everything, so we ordered a bunch of things, and then shared it all, and it was all so delicious – antipasto, pepperoni pizza, garlic rolls & buffalo wings. Yum!

I was dying laughing at this pregnant lady holding her pizza with two hands to dip it into the ranch 😄

And then for dinner, I made grilled sausage, egg & cheese breakfast burritos, and tried out a new smoothie “recipe” that I saw someone make on TikTok. She said she saw on TikTok that you could add an entire zucchini to your smoothies for a while serving of vegetables, without it changing the taste or color, because of all the other fruit and things. She also added Greek yogurt to hers to add extra protein and make it thicker/creamier, and this turned out really good! And I had a couple of cute helpers too.

The girls don’t like the super loud sound of the blender though, so Jeff took them out to the carport for 5 minutes or so, while I pulsed and blended and smoothie-d.

Jeff was actually outside doing yard work, so it was just me and the little girls for dinner. We queued up “The Jungle Book” on Disney+ and watched the movie while we ate dinner in the living room, which the girls still always think is a treat, even though we do it often.

Addie kept talking about her “burrito” and she ate almost the whole thing. Emmie loved the smoothie & the burrito, and said this was the best day of her life, because she loves breakfast food so much.

When I went outside to check on Jeff in the backyard, I noticed our hydrangea bush is starting to bloom for the summer, so I wanted a closer look. There’s only one giant blossom in color right now, but lots more that will be beautiful in another few days/weeks.

And the gardenia tree also had blossoms, that smelled so fresh and floral and summery.

Jeff got cleaned up and then we did the girls’ bedtime together. They’re both sleeping soundly in their beds now, and I’m heading back to the kitchen to wash up some dishes.

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