Pool & Pasketti

Jeff went to church first today, to serve on the sound booth team for big church. Then the girls and I went a little early too, because it was my week to serve in the preschool room.

They went in with me for a bit, and Emmie did some “makeup” on herself, her sister, and her cousins as well.

We had a wild morning in the preschool room, but these 18 three-through-five-year-olds learned today that God will forgive us when we make bad choices!

After church, we went to Zaxby’s for lunch, but it was super crowded in there. So I grabbed a table and ordered on the app instead of waiting in line, and Jeff and the girls ran next door to Walgreens, because we needed some sudafed. Turns out, the pharmacy was closed, but it was a good way to waste time with the girls while we waited the 15 minutes on our food.

We all went home and took a Sunday afternoon nap for a couple of hours, and once we woke up, went went out to Grammy and Papa’s house for pool & pasketti, as Addison calls it.

I had texted Mama yesterday to invite ourselves over, and suggested we have some spaghetti for dinner, since it’s simple and feeds a crowd. She even made penne noodles for me, because they love angel hair noodles and I don’t 😉 It was delicious, and she even made us some to-go containers for Jeff and I as well.

We had some down time just hanging out in the living room together afterwards, and I showed Papa all my little word games I play on my phone everyday, and he played them with me. The girls grabbed snacks from the pantry when it was time to head out, and I loved smelling this blooming gardenia bush on our way out.

We did potty breaks and Bluey episodes when we got home, and then got the girls to sleep. I’m going to do a few Sunday night chores to get us set-up for a new week, so things go smooth in the morning. This is Emerson’s last week of school before summer, and that honestly just seems so crazy! She’s almost done with 1st grade!

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