Grocery Fight

We had had the most chill Saturday, filled mainly with chores trying to get the house back in order from its state of intense mess & clutter. We started the morning with donuts, and you can see the evidence of how much Addie loved hers.

We spent about two hours cleaning as much as possible (living room, kitchen, laundry, vacuuming, cleaning out the vacuum, scrubbing the fronts of the kitchen cabinets), and I finished this audio book while I worked, and it was so good. Then finally sat down for a little rest. I did a few tiny puzzles with the girls, and then scrounged up some lunch for all of us.

The girls both napped after lunch, and I just watched Netflix while they were asleep. They both slept about two hours, and then we went across town to deliver some baby things to a work friend, who had her baby just last week. We kept our germs to ourselves and didn’t snuggle him, but we certainly all stared at his cute little face! We stopped at Roboto’s for dinner afterwards, and the girls ended up loving my hibachi chicken so much, I gave them all of that, and took their katsu chicken instead, which was also super yummy.

Jeff dropped the girls and I off at home after dinner, and then he went to Walmart to pickup our grocery order while I got the girls in the bath tub. He ended up having to wait a super long time, because people were mad about how long they waited and got out and just started grabbing all sorts of stuff themselves and then got into a fight with the employees. So after that kerfuffle was settled (with people literally giving witness statements and such…), Jeff finally got the groceries and made it back home safe and sound.

I also cleaned the bathroom a little while the girls were in the tub, and then picked out all of our church outfits for tomorrow. We were so super productive today, and honestly, I still want to do more tomorrow to get the dining room tidied up, because most of our bags and things from our trip last weekend are still just dumped in there. Tonight though, I’m gonna watch a Netflix documentary and paint my nails, now that both girls are sleeping soundly in their beds.

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