Honey Garlic Pepper

Even though we had a short work/school week, we were of course still very much ready for Friday to roll around today.

Today was another one of our bi-monthly lunches with our little unit at work. It was actually my turn to pick, and I chose Freshroots. I was the only one that had been before, but everyone loves it now! We all ordered online ahead of time for pick-up, so that it wouldn’t take too long, and that worked out perfectly. I got the Jammin’ sandwich with the maple bourbon bacon jam & avocado, with turkey, jalapenos & pepper jack cheese. And it was sooo good. And obviously I needed to treat myself to an iced latte to go with it.

We filled one of our empty positions & added a new member to our team just a couple of weeks ago, so we were glad to welcome Brooke on her first outing with us!

Tried to get a quick sister pic after getting both girls after school today, but it was very sunny and neither could quite look at me 🙂

They were being so cute and sweet playing together when we got home, just being the most precious little girlies. They were doing all sorts of little tricks and gymnast moves and Emmie was carrying Addie around on piggy-back, just giggling and laughing up a storm.

The girls actually both asked to eat cereal for dinner tonight, so I let them do that, and Jeff offered to pick up wings from A-Town for us on his way home. I got the garlic honey pepper, and shared some of his fries, and oooh-wee those wings were so good! We’re also at the age now that the girls have started playing by themselves a little bit more without our constant supervision, so we let them go play, and we got to watch an episode of “The Office” while we ate our dinner.

We all had some more playtime together, and the girls had a giant paper play mat thing they were carrying around pretending it was a map and they were on an exploring adventure. Then we watched part of a new documentary on Disney+ about a man and a wild otter, called “Billy & Molly,” and that was super cute.

Both girls are asleep now, but we’re in for another night of terrible weather. I think we’re in a tornado watch, and definitely in a severe thunderstorm. It’s thundering super loudly, and lightning a lot, with very heavy rains right now. We’re hoping and praying both girls sleep through it, and that we don’t lose power!

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