Junkyard Plates

My girls were both in their matching Bluey shirts this morning, but we couldn’t manage sister pics, because Addie was grumpy this morning.

But she requested we that we listen to our lullabies playlist in the car on the way to school, and after a few songs, she was like, “Mommy, I’m not grumpy anymore! I happy now!”

And sweet little Emmie was just in her usual sweet mood with Daddy today.

Then after I dropped Addie in her room at school, as I was walking to the car, Jeff texted me asking about her ENT appointment that he got a calendar reminder for. Well, I had totally forgotten, and somehow didn’t get a reminder on my phone calendar, but I turned around and walked back in for her. We had a few minutes to spare, and since she was going to miss school breakfast, we made a quick stop at Whataburger, and girlfriend killed her egg & cheese biscuit and ate all my hash browns.

Anyways, she still has some fluid on her ears (which doesn’t get drained or anything), and 1 tube is just hanging by a thread, but is useless for its job. The nurse today said if the actual doctor saw her he would push for tubes. But we decided to compromise and wait for another 90 days, now that we are past cold and flu season, and hopefully she won’t be getting sick anymore. She’s also at a better age for less infections now too. So we will wait 90 days, and see how she does or if she gets more infections, and then go from there. The other thing is, is that if we decide to put tubes in again, they will also want to remove her adenoids. It doesn’t add all that much extra in the way of anesthesia or surgical time, but it is something to consider.

I added some more of the girls’ art to my “gallery door” on the back of my office door today – the “You’re my Jam” made by Addie at school last week, and the portrait Emmie drew for Mother’s Day the other day.

This dang book fair is still at our daycare, so I have to drag the girls through there every single day, and try to avoid spending a billion dollars…

I wasn’t in the mood to cook tonight, and we had some random leftovers we could clean up anyways. So Jeff actually took care of heating everything up so I could just sit down and rest (I was so super tired this afternoon), and he coined a new nickname for leftover dinner that I thought was so great – Junkyard Plates!

I’m actually still a little hungry after my junkyard plate, so I’m going to make some popcorn, and finish watching last night’s Survivor episode.

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