Sassy Little Baby Girl

Today was a color day at school, and all the kids were supposed to wear red. So we busted out this new outfit she hadn’t worn before, and it was so cute! She got lots of compliments from teachers at drop-off, and when I came back for pick-up.

And just please look at this sassy little thing! The hand, the pose. It’s just all too much!

I got to enjoy my yummy leftover pasta from last night for lunch today, followed by delicious yogurt for dessert.

And then my sister sent me these photos from school, that she took of Emerson in her classroom. I love getting photos like this, because I love to see my girl is happy & smiling & loving being at school with her friends and teachers, and mostly bee Aunt Meggie!

We had a super quick check-up at the doctor late this afternoon (everything’s fine), and she was rearranging the furniture in the waiting room while we waited.

Because of the late doctor’s appointment, we missed having dinner with the family tonight. Instead, my sweet mama ordered food for Emmie and I, and brought it to church for us.

My Aunt Suzanne & Uncle Keith just got back Monday night from a two-week vacation out West. They brought back this adorable little train conductor bear for Emmie from the Grand Canyon Railroad, and a pretty little Native American porcelain doll. (Unflattering photo of me, but this is when they gave her the bear & she immediately grabbed it and hugged it tight.)

Once we finally made it home after choir, poor little thing was dead tired after a long night at church, and she was out like a light!

And now it’s time to unwind with popcorn & Netflix with hubby.

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