Emmie wore one of my favorite outfits to school today. She had ruffles on her front & ruffles on her butt, and I just love it. Plus, it’s my favorite color.

We were surprised with some coffee-glazed Krispy Kreme donuts today at work, and I just couldn’t resist them. They honestly weren’t overly coffee-glazed, but they’re still donuts & still yummy. And speaking of food, I bought like 6 different flavors (all fall-related) of these flip yogurts the other day, and they are delicious. I had this pumpkin one for my afternoon snack.

Traffic was absolutely crazy after work today, for I have no idea what reason. It was one of those days that took 5-10 minutes longer to get to daycare, and then 5-10 minutes longer to get home after getting Emmie, so then we got home 20 minutes later than usual. All that to say, my go-to quick dinner of turkey spaghetti (with rosemary from our front yard) was fast & easy & delicious! Add in some toasted garlic bread, and you’ve got a great meal for carb-loading, which is apparently Emmie’s favorite thing. Just like her Mommy, the girl loves bread!

After dinner, we had about 30 minutes of play-time. We had taken her onesie off for dinner, so we just let her run around in her diaper, and she was just so funny. She was obviously intently watching “Moana,” but of course it only lasts for a minute or so at a time, before her busy little self had to run off & do some more things.

We tried on a tu-tu from a lady at church, but she wasn’t so thrilled about it.

So instead, I let her play dress-up from the tub of clothes I’ve been folding and putting away. She found this little coat and just loved it! Its actually 3-month size, and surprisingly (or not?) still fit, except slightly too short sleeves.

And then she played “Where’s Emmie?” with this brown bag for at least 10 minutes.

Right as we were heating up her bottle & getting her jammies on, the doorbell rang (super loud!), so Jeff went outside to chat. Apparently it was some folks wanting us both to join the State Employees Union, for a whopping $80 a month. No thanks.

Emmie drank her milk and went straight to sleep, and then I washed up all the dishes while listening to a new audio book I started today. (Which is number 4 in a long series.) Jeff is currently studying for a new Bible study that starts tomorrow at church, that’s he’s leading. I’m blogging & watching “Gilmore Girls,” and then I’m gonna curl up on the couch and read for a while.

Oh, and the second best part about last night, is the leftovers we get to take to work!

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