Relish Burgers

This girl was super cute today in her Little Mermaid outfit Nana got her, even if the shirt was a little too big and needed to be tucked in 😉

On my lunch break today, I did what’s becoming my usual Friday-lunch-routine, picking up my holds at the library! I returned 5 (forgot 1 more at home) and picked up 4 new ones.

And then I went back to my office for leftover ravioli & started a new library book. “Only Ever Her” is another one on Anne Bogel’s summer reading guide. It’s a mystery/thriller novel, and right up my alley.

Photos from Emmie at school today. Ms. Kristin was still out, so her report isn’t as detailed, but it’s still sweet.

Jeff picked up Emerson from daycare today, and called to see if we wanted to eat out tonight, since the weather was nice. I mean, it was 90°, but at least the humidity was low, so it was actually decent outside! We decided to try a relatively new burger restaurant on our side of town, Relish. So I headed straight there and read in the car for about 10 minutes while waiting on them to get there.

I got a single burger, and added cheese. Then you pick from all the sauces & toppings, like at Moe’s or Subway. I got garlic aoili, then kept it traditional with mustard & ketchup, lettuce & tomatoes. Fresh avocado would have been extra, but guac was free, so I got a side of guac. And I added the garlic parmesan topping to my fries. And it was all really good!

They had one of those cases of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies by the register, and Emmie repeated “cookie” about a million times while we were ordering, So we let her splurge and eat dessert first. You’re only a carefree toddler on a Friday night for so long, am I right?!

Then she had the last few bites of each of our burgers (she just had to hold it herself), plus lots of fries.

Then she wanted to hold Mama, and feed me fries off the fork! She’s very into forks right now, and always says, “I stab it!” while eating. It’s so cute & funny. So after stabbing the fries, she wanted me to eat them, which was actually pretty tricky!

And then we were all finished with dinner and back home before 6:30, which was so nice. So then we got to just play and hang out for a long time before bed. We did stickers & coloring (and she put those headphones on all by herself for no reason), and then she dragged over the watermelon blanket and asked, “outside?” So we went back outside!

Jeff had already mowed the front yard today, but he still found some other yard work that needed to be done.

She may look cute laying here, but she was in the middle of 5-straight minutes of whining over nothing at all. Toddlers are very emotional little creatures.

Turns out, she just wanted to come inside. It just took her a while to tell us that. But we came in & got her “cakes” on, and started bedtime reading. But she wasn’t into it, so we let her stay up a little bit later, and watched the first 10 or 15 minutes of “Moana,” with snacks & ice water. (This girl loves ice in her drinks.)

We did books & prayers, and then I started trying to get her to calm down. I was singing her lullaby songs, but she just kept chattering, and wanting to kiss the boo-boo on my chest over & over again. She was acting so silly, so we called Daddy in to “lay down the law.” It took about 20 minutes of him rocking her, and even then she got upset when he laid her down, but after fussing for a few minutes, she quieted down. So now it’s time for “Fringe!”

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