Puzzle & Pink Pajamas

Well, Emmie woke up toooo early this morning, and then had a rough morning and was upset before school. So that’s why she looks so sad and pitiful in her morning photos.

Baby Chickpea was just snoozing away though, and was a perfect little girl after her bottle, while I showered, and then put on my makeup and read for a while…

And then I met all the ladies in my family for lunch at Kosta’s! This was Addison’s first lunch outing, and she did great. She got snuggles from all the ladies, and was wide-eyed and looking all around just enjoying being out on the town.

The lunch was delicious, and the company was great, and it was so nice for me to get out and about a little bit more!

I picked up a small little Walmart grocery order on our way home, to get some probiotic drops for Addie, and some more frozen fruit for more smoothies. Addie had a bottle when we got home, and then she took another really long nap!

While she napped, I put in my Bluetooth headphones to listen to my audio book, grabbed my daily afternoon iced coffee, and worked on a puzzle! My Mama gave me this for my birthday back in January, and maternity leave felt like the perfect time to work on it. This one is of St. Augustine (where I went to college at Flagler), and it’s gonna be difficult, but I’m excited about it!

And this is as far as I got today… although I’m honestly not sure if all those top edge pieces are correct… I redid them like three times, and they still seem just slightly off, so I’ll have to check on that again tomorrow.

Despite Emmie’s rough morning and rough drop-off, she did have a good day at school, and came home happy as a clam, after Daddy picked her up. Oh, and funny story from yesterday, her class was singing the days of the week song, and her teacher asked what day it was, and Emmie yelled, “Monday, ‘cuz I have on my Monday panties!” Which was true, she was right! She just got a new pack of “Frozen” day-of-the-week panties, and this is her first week wearing them, and she’s super excited about them, obviously!

We had one of our old faves that we hadn’t had in a few months – taquitos, yellow rice and black beans.

I have no idea how this happened, but she somehow got just one grain of rice on her forehead, and it stayed there for most of the meal, and I couldn’t stop laughing at it.

She did a funny little “the floor is lava” video after dinner, dancing and singing and jumping around, and then getting on the couch when the song said so, and it was so cute and funny.

We got Addison in some cozy pink lemon jammies (after an “uncontained” diaper situation), and Emmie took a bath and got on some clean pink ballerina jammies.

Emerson did really well at bedtime again tonight (we’re thanking the Lord every night that she does well, after so many crazy nights of all her hoopla), while Addie fought sleep again tonight. She wasn’t as difficult tonight as she was last night, but she did do her fair share of crying. I was able to get her swaddled and asleep though, by only 8:30 tonight, which is a whole hour earlier than last night.

Jeff and I are going to watch an episode of “Home Town” on Discovery+, before time to feed Addie again, which will actually be any time now, once she wakes herself up again. We no longer wake her up to feed every 3 hours, but just wait for her to wake herself up, and she will now go 4-or-sometimes-5-ish hours during the night, getting us some decent sleep time. But she’ll still need one more bottle before our “normal” bedtime, so we’ll watch some TV until then 🙂



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