Pebble Hill Wedding

All morning and afternoon, we got to be at home, spending quality time with our baby girl. Luckily, we’ve kept the house clean all week after working so hard last weekend, so we didng even have a bunch of chores to do. So we just got to hang out and play with baby Emerson!

Then late this afternoon, Aunt Meggie & Uncle Bo came over to “babysit,” while we attended a wedding at the beautiful Pebble Hill Plantation! Sara and Justin have been dating since they were 16 years old, and finally got married tonight, 8 years later! Sara was in 6th grade the first time I was a college leader for our youth group, and she was one of my very favorites in the youth group for the next seven years of her middle/high school years. This first one was us in 2007, her 6th grade year! Not super flattering, but I couldn’t *not* take a trip down memory lane… And the second one was from 2013, at her high school graduation!

And the groom’s father, Duncan, was my youth minister in high school, then became my friend, mentor, and then one the officiants at our wedding in 2013! So we have a special relationship with their family too. This is Justin, the groom (left), and his brother Taylor, at my wedding in 2013!

I am so glad Jeff and I could attend their wedding tonight. Everything was beautiful, and so sweet. They wrote their own vows, which made me laugh & cry. So very happy for this amazing couple! Love them so much!

Then Jeff and I blasted The Greatest Showman soundtrack on the way home, and sang at the top of our lungs. And it was so much fun! Glad to be back home on our cozy couch though, ready to love on my girl one more time, when we wake her up for her last bottle of the night.

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