Jammies, VBS & Newk’s

Look at this sweet, precious baby, with her cute little morning hair floof!! These jammies & Ellie were her Christmas gift from Aunt Megan & Uncle Bo, and she wore them for the first time last night! I don’t mind so much getting up early, when I get to play with & love on my sweet Emerson!

Tomorrow, our church will kick off VBS week at 9am. Today, all those who are participating or volunteering wore their shirts. And even though Emerson is too young, she still wore her shirt to match Grammy & Pepaw! (And even though she kinda looks like little boy in that outfit, she’s still cute, haha)

We grabbed a few groceries from Publix after church, and also picked up their Chinese food for lunch. Their lo mein noodles are so good. And Emmie ate like a champ! She loved the noodles & teriyaki chicken so much!

After lunch, we all three napped, and that was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Then Jeff’s mom came over for a late afternoon visit. While Nana played with Emmie, I made cowboy caviar (from this recipe) for a diaper shower at work. BUT! I didn’t learn until after I was finished, that the shower is actually next Monday, when I thought it was tomorrow… Ugh. So I put it in a gallon freezer bag and popped it in the freezer. We’ll thaw it next Sunday night, & see how that turns out.

Nana then took us to dinner at Newk’s. Emerson continued her streak of eating well, and impressed us with how much food she had! She ate: half a jar of cinnamon pear oatmeal baby food, some Mac & cheese noodles, banana Puffs, & her favorite was Nana’s chicken salad! Nana also got a new iPhone 10 earlier in the week, and look at this gorgeous photo Jeff took with it!

Emerson is now sound asleep in her room, and Jeff and I are going to watch a movie. I love Sunday’s.

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