Have you ever seen two more beautiful sisters!? They’re so stinking adorable in their matchy-matchy strawberry outfits, and their matching pink headbands, that Emmie’s teacher Miss Jessica gave them the other day.

Cut up a banana and put it in my peanut butter overnight oats this morning, and it was a delicious breakfast.

And then I had tuna and salad for lunch, which was also delicious. Honestly, this packaged tuna was nowhere near as good as my own homemade tuna, but it worked in a pinch when I didn’t have time to make my own at home today.

When I got to school to pick up the girls, Addison was just starting to wake up in her crib from a little nap. When she rolled over and saw her big sister, she had the biggest smile on her face!

We had chicken (sauteed with butter, olive oil, sliced onions and plenty of seasonings) and rice pilaf and Caesar salad for dinner tonight (and now you know what I ate for all three meals today), and it was also delish! This is our favorite way to make chicken, so flavorful and juicy and slightly buttery – so good!

We did bath time again for the third night in a row, to help Addie’s little diaper-rash-booty. But girl has no chill right now, and wouldn’t even relax in her little bath seat. I had to literally move her arms myself so that she would just lay down like normal. But her bunsĀ areĀ getting better, so that’s good news!

Emerson wanted this giant Anna & Elsa tattoo on her leg, so we did that, and then she grabbed a snack and we watched a little bit more of Alvin before starting on the bedtime routine.

Addie was almost completely asleep in Daddy’s arms, so we tried just laying her down , but she was wide awake then and smiling at all of us, but we left her there, and hoping she would her put herself to sleep…

Emmie was super sweet and smiley at bedtime too, and did pretty well again tonight. And although she did get back up out of bed a couple of times after we left her, Jeff got her back down easily both times.

The little one on the other hand, didn’t want to put herself to sleep, and needed some Mommy snuggles to fall asleep, and you know I didn’t mind that. She was so sweet and cuddly, and I loved getting some extra snuggles from her.

When I laid her down again the second time, she stayed asleep and is doing good. Her bottle schedule got a little off today though, so we’ll probably wake her up later before we go to bed, rather than waiting until she gets hungry and wakes up at like 1 or 2 am.

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