Matching Dresses

On the way to church, Emerson had two paci’s and a spatula she stole from my utensil jar on the stove top, when she was sitting there getting her morning antibiotics.

Emmie was all about her Grammy today. She’s the only one she wanted after church!

And since Emerson and I wore matching dresses again today, we took a few Mommy Daughter photos before heading out.

And this cool girl loves to wear her Mommy’s sunglasses.

After grabbing a quick lunch from Zaxby’s, we ran home to get Emmie down for her nap. Once she was settled in, I ran back over to Megan and Bo’s house, to visit with them and their cute babies! All the girls were having a tummy time nap when I first got there.

Then Kensley woke up to eat and chat. I got to feed her today, and even though she’s a super slow eater, she finished her bottle like a champ!

After Kensley finished eating, and Bo fed Riley, Megan woke up Ellie for her turn. Meg needed to go look for something, so she laid Ellie down on the ottoman in front of me, next to Kensley.

Then I requested Bo give me Riley too, so I could have a chat with (aka stare at) all three girls together. And good grief it was almost too much cuteness to handle! (The girls had little red knees after tummy time.)

Back at home, Emerson woke up a bit early from her nap, but her and Daddy had a good time together. She had a donut hole for a snack (that Grandmommie had sent home with us from church), Emerson helped Daddy with laundry, and then they played with bubbles in the car port. (Which is where they were when I got back home, after meeting up with an old high school friend Connie, to share some Harry Potter decorations for a baby shower she’s throwing.)

And then we went over to Grammy & Pepaw’s house for playtime, followed by dinner at Dreamland, for kids eat free on Sunday’s. Also, she thinks she’s still little enough to fit in her old baby bouncer. And technically she is, so ya know.

And of course she specifically requested to ride in the Jeep, and was just so excited about it!

This baby girl did not want to come inside. So her and Pepaw stayed outside for almost the entire time, only coming in long enough to sit in a big girl chair for 2 seconds, and then she wanted to go back out. So Pepaw took her and her plate back outside, to run around the patio again.

When they finally came back in again at the end, she was soooo into her Sprite. She wouldn’t let go of that thing! She continued drinking it all the way home. She “only” drank half the cup, but it seemed like a lot more. I have a feeling she’s gonna wake up with a completely full diaper in the morning!

We did bath time at home, and then got ready for bed.

After reading books, Jeff stayed to put her to bed, while I went to scrub the shower. I just got one of those wild hairs where it needed to be done, like right away. So I got out some scrubbers & some cleaners, and put in my headphones and audio book, and just went to town for about half an hour. (Side note – it’s incredibly difficult to keep a 55-year-old shower clean, in a bathroom without an exhaust fan! Give me any tips you might have, I’m open to anything.)

Anyways, the shower is now (sorta) sparkling clean, and I’m exhausted after such a big, fun, busy weekend! Gilmore Girls, then early to bed.

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