Excited About Cleaning Products

Puppy dog outfit and phone calls to start the day!

And then she started waving and telling me bye-bye, while I was still kneeling right there in front of her! At least that’s a good sign of comfort and happiness at her daycare!

I finished “The Death of Mrs. Westaway” on audio book last night while scrubbing the shower, so this morning I started a new one. This one is the third and final installment of the Mither Mage series, and the series has been very good so far.

Look at these photos we got from the school today. This first one of her and her friend camping out in the dress-up wardrobe is hilarious!

Look at these big one-month-old triplets! Can you guys believe they’re already one month old?!

After work, I picked up Emerson, and then headed to Walmart to pick up my grocery order.

And then while I worked on dinner, Emerson played with Daddy, and had some of the snacks Grammy sent home with her yesterday.

We were peacefully eating and enjoying our meal, and then Emerson wanted something to drink… We had saved her Sprite from last night, & she was excited to have some more. So she tried to push her plate to the side to make room for her cup, and she accidentally pushed the whole plate off her tray! It landed upside down with a smack, and then it was chaos for 30 seconds! We had to keep Pretzel away, while I cleaned up, and tried to calm Emerson down after she freaked out. I got her a new plate, and she got some Sprite, and everything was fine. Phew!

Before dinner, she was asking for a brownie, but we told her she could only have one for dessert if she ate a good dinner. And since she did in fact eat really well, she had half of a brownie for dessert. (She doesn’t know I was sneaking bites and ate the other half, because girlfriend doesn’t need that much sugar, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her!)

After dessert, Emmie helped me open up a box of cleaning supplies I ordered from Grove Collaborative. I actually ordered it like 12 days ago, it was delivered 10 days ago, but I’ve been too busy to bust into it. But tonight I finally did, and honestly I’m so excited about my new cleaning supplies!

For your first order, you get a gift set of $35 in free products, when you spend $20. I spent about $23, and got everything pictured! (The free things were the white tin caddy, Mrs. Myers hand soap, dish soap & multi-purpose spray, the sponges, and the hand towel.) I bought shower spray, a dish brush & replacement heads, wood floor cleaner, antibacterial wipes and Bon Ami cleaner.

And Emerson loved playing with the packaging…

After unpacking it all, it was Emmie’s bedtime. So I got her in her jammies, and then Daddy came to read the bedtime books and put her to bed. I got busy doing the dishes, and then did a deep cleaning of all the kitchen surfaces and crevices, with some of my new cleaning supplies. And now the kitchen is looking so nice. (The end counter was super cluttered, and I finally dealt with that after ignoring it for a bit too long.) And I really did enjoy using all my nee products! (If you want the free gift set too, click here. Then you get the free gift, and I get a $10 referral credit, win-win!)

My poor little letter board needs to be jerry-rigged, because the stand is not strong enough for the weight of the board. So we gotta figure something out for that.

I washed the dishes with my new Bluebell dish soap & wooden-handled scrubber. I cleaned the stove & counter with my new Lemon Verbena multi-tasking cleaner. I cleaned the sink and faucet/handles with the Bon Ami cleanser. Then I washed my hands with my new Basil hand soap, and dried them on my new towel.

Is this what being a 30-something adult is about? Excitement over cleaning products delivered to your doorstep? I guess so! And hey, I ain’t mad about it.

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