Spring Cleaning Bug

This little girl and her little blonde curls are almost too much too handle!

Plus her little faces are so funny. And she loves these little tiny babies!

When it was time for me to go, I asked her for one more hug and kiss, and then told me to go get Mrs. Q. So she took off running across the classroom and reached up for her favorite teacher!

My sister sent me this earlier today, and please just look at this teeny girl from one year ago!

My allergies are still killing me this week, so to cope I had hot tea in the morning, and then Emergen-C in the afternoon.

Photos from Emerson’s teachers…

Late afternoon sunlight through beautiful live oak trees is one of my favorite things.

Prayer time before dinner, and then digging in to Trader Joe’s fried rice.

Since I haven’t mentioned it lately, just thought I’d let y’all know, she’s still obsessed with cleaning and such.

With the great weather we’ve been having lately, we’ve been trying to squeeze in every but of outside time we can. So after dinner, we went outside for a quick 15-minute bubble session.

After bubble time, we did bath time. (Remember when I mentioned it’s hard keeping an old shower clean? You can see all around the edge where we also need to re-caulk. Maybe a weekend project?)

After bath time, we went to the kitchen to get her ear infection antibiotics, she saw the box of stale Captain Crunch on the counter, and insisted she needed some. So I put a tiny bit in a tiny Tupperware, and let her eat it while I read her bedtime books. And I was laughing at her, because she looked like she was just sitting there snacking on popcorn at a movie like a big girl. She finished it, and wanted more of course, but I convinced her it was bedtime & she could have more tomorrow instead.

After I got Emmie laid down in her crib, I did some more cleaning. The spring cleaning bug has seriously bit me this week! It started with cleaning out my car last Friday, then scrubbing the shower Sunday, and tonight I tidied up the living room after a few days of super-clutter.

Before: baby toys everywhere, half-finished laundry, shopping bags, and who knows what else.

After: so neat & tidy! Everything put away in it’s proper place, carpet vacuumed, coffee table wiped clean, and just so much better.

Also, I’ve decided to try to spend at least 20 minutes (almost) every night cleaning up little things here and there, or working on projects, so that it doesn’t pile it on the weekends. I won’t do it on Wednesday’s because of church, and I’m sure some days I just won’t want to. But I’m going to do it as much as I can, and maybe make some progress on some of these things were been procrastinating for so long.

After cleaning the living room and kitchen, and washing our dinner dishes, I called my Mama for a random catch-up call, and we ended up chatting for almost an hour. We had lots to talk about, and I enjoyed our chat. I love my Mama so much!

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