Crunchy & Confused

The sky was absolutely beautiful this morning!

And my baby girl really loves books, and her teacher.

I didn’t bring my lunch today, so I went down to the food truck parked at my office. Today was Rankin Tacos, which I had never tried before, and was honestly feeling a little meh about it after reading their menu. But it turned out to be yummy! I got their “Willie-G” taco, which is ground beef, Cole slaw, tomatoes, onions, hot sauce & ketchup. I thought it sounded super weird, and almost just ordered a “regular” taco, but decided to give this a try, and ended up liking it! (Although the tots we’re way over-cooked.) They make their own taco shells too, which was really good. And their motto is “crunchy & confused.” I assume that’s in reference to their home-made crunch shells, and their weird and confiding combos & toppings!

And since it was the most perfect weather, I decided to stay downstairs and eat at the picnic table outside, instead of taking it back up to my office. I felt like such a grown-up, eating by myself in public.

My sister posted this on her Facebook today, and it’s just such a great reminder of the miracles God works! One year ago, she was taking a bunch of medicine and hormones and stuff for IVF. And today, she had three beautiful baby girls!

Here are the pictures we got of Emerson at school today.

The captions on these next two photos said “Emerson wanted to look out the window while the rest of her friends were still napping.” Because even though she does sleep for about an hour and a half, to an hour and forty-five minutes each day, their nap time is actually allotted for about two and a half hours, so she’s usually awake long before the others.

Her favorite teacher Ms. Q actually told me Emerson had a giant melt down right before nap time, when it was time for Q to leave for her lunch break. Emmie was screaming and holding on to her legs while she was walking out. So Ms. Q felt so bad for leaving her, that she bought her a special treat while she was gone, and gave them to her when I got there to pick her up. And you can see she was excited about it! (Ms. Q takes the best care of my baby girl, obviously.)

We met the family for dinner before church at Willie Jewel’s. Tonight was a share day for the Match of Dimes with Growing Room, so we chose to eat there to do our part for preemies!

Uncle Keith was picking up the chair and shaking it like a toddler roller coaster ride, and Emmie loved it so much!

After eating, Aunt Suzanne walked around with Emmie for a few minutes before it was time to leave, and then brought her out to the car. But then Emmie didn’t want to leave her! She wouldn’t let go of her, and so Aunt Suzanne got her in the car and all ready to go.

We had a few extra minutes at church before we needed to go inside (as usual), so we enjoyed some more of the perfect weather, and just wandered around for a little bit.

And I can’t get enough of the portrait photos of this girl!

Ever single Wednesday night, while I get Emmie checked in, she runs over to give Ms. Penny some hugs. Sometimes she runs back and forth a few times to give multiple high, and it’s just the sweetest.

I went to choir tonight, even though I probably should have skipped it. My allergies have me all messed up still, and I sound terrible when I talk, and really couldn’t sing at all. But I was there, and I just quietly sang along to the parts my voice could handle, and mouthed it the rest of the time.

Little Miss Independent has to do it all herself these days, including walking up all of these stairs. I’m just glad she at least let Daddy hold her hand to help a little bit!

We made one quick pit stop at my Mama’s house on the way home. We had to pick up some liquid Mucinex she had for me, after I told her in our hour-long phone convo last night that I was avoiding taking the pill-form of Mucinex, because it was a huge pill, and I knew it would make me gag! (Ever since I got pregnant, my gag reflex is super sensitive, and the slightest thing will trip me up. I do not consider “horse pills” worth trying, for me to just gag it back up…) So thanks Mama, for the liquid version, you’re the bestest Mama there is.

Once little nugget was in her PJ’s at home, she needed one last bedtime snack (cereal), and I also finally let her try one of the gummy worms from Ms. Q. I tried to get her to bite it in half, but she just shoved it in whole! She really liked it and asked for more of course, but since I had secretly hidden them already, I told her they were gone for the night, but she could have more tomorrow.

Then she took her cereal and read bed time books with Daddy, then I said prayers, and Daddy stayed to rock her for a few minutes, while I made myself some hot tea.

Going to watch one episode of “Fringe,” followed by night-time Mucinex, and bedtime before 10pm, hopefully.

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