Tallahassee Museum

We had a big morning, so we had to fill up on a delicious breakfast first! I made french toast with Trader Joe’s cinnamon roll bread (as seen on @cottonstem Instagram), and it was pretty stinking good.

And then we went to the Tallahassee Museum (formerly known as the Jr. Museum), with Jeff’s mom. And here’s a tip for y’all – if you are a Bank of America card holder (like Nita and I are), then you get in free the first Saturday (maybe firsf Sundays too, I’m not sure?) of every single month, and all you have to do is show your card! And kids under 3 are free. So we only had to pay for Jeff today, which was a great deal.

And we had such a good time! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been there as an adult, so I didn’t remember much. I think I was 10 or 12 the last time, and that was most likely on a school field trip, so it’d been a minute. So I think I was the most excited of all of us! And we loved it! It’s absolutely gorgeous back in there. And on a foggy, misty morning like today, with all the trees & plants & greenery, it felt like being in a tropical rainforest. The whole place was so neat!

Another fun fact, the first house Jeff and I lived in when we got married (remember the bright turquoise house I shared about a few weeks ago?) was right next to the train tracks near Myers Park, on Seaboard Street, named after the old rail line. And they have an old Seaboard train car at the museum!

Tiny little church.

Detached kitchen of the main plantation house. (But I forgot to take any photos of the plantation house.)

Probably Emerson’s favorite of all the things we saw today (wolves, birds, owls, cow, goats, sheep, deer, etc…), were these dinosaurs made from old car parts along the trail!

We stayed and had lunch in their little cafe, and Emerson ate almost a whole bag of Cheetos, plus chicken nuggets & tons of apple juice. She had really worked up an appetite!

We spent about three hours at the museum this morning, and had such a great time. Bit my baby Tater Tot was exhausted! We put her down for a nap as soon as we got back home, around 12:50. And she slept until a few minutes past 3pm. Jeff and I watched 1.5 episodes of “Fringe,” until I started falling asleep, and then we both napped for about 45 minutes, before Emerson woke up. Then she had a fruit cup for snack while sitting on my leg and watching kids music videos on YouTube.

We ran to the library long enough to drop off three books that were due today, and pick up one book I had on hold.

Another helpful tip – you can check out more than just “regular” books at the library. You can get cookbooks too! Plus movies, CD’s, magazines, MP3 players with pre-loaded audio books, and probably a few other things. I am particularly excited about checking out this Joanna Gaines cookbook!

Then we went to Old Navy, and met Jeff’s mom again for some Easter dress shopping. Emerson found a purse she just couldn’t live without (and she was just too cute to handle carrying it around the store!), and I found three dresses for me, and three for Emerson, some of which are matching!

She tried on some shoes, but we couldn’t find any that fit her feet. We really wanted to get her some of these sandals, but one size was too small (6-12m) and the next size was way too big (12-18m).

We went back to Nana & PopPop’s house to hang out and play for a while after shopping. We had thought about going out to dinner somewhere, but when Emmie started screaming as we put her in the car seat to head to dinner, we decided against that idea. Instead, Jeff & Dave drove to pick up Wendy’s, while the girls stayed behind and went on a walk, and then played on the back porch a bit.

Bath time after dinner, before heading home.

Then bedtime books & prayers with Daddy.

We had so much fun today, but we are all so exhausted now! I think we’ll probably watch one episode of “Fringe,” and then head to bed kinda early. Hope y’all had a good Saturday too, friends!

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