Lunch Delivery

Emerson made sure we picked out a Gilchrist shirt today, for school spirit Friday. And then Addison was just so stinking cute and smiley, wearing one of big sister’s old dresses.

Seriously. Have you ever seen two cuter sisters?!

The sun was the biggest, brightest, orange-est ball ball in the morning sky today. It was so lovely!

And then we were all so excited to see our trippies at school! Well, Addie was excited, but then she wouldn’t smile for a photo, but she was still happy to see them. And the girls were very excited to tell me about their “E” show and tell items today, Elsa, elephant, and eggs.

So last night, my Uncle Keith posted his home-cooked meal in the Tally Foodies Home Facebook page. The picture of the rice with gravy looked amazing, and I commented that I wanted a helping. So then he texted me saying my Aunt Suzanne (we both work for DOC) would bring me lunch today. And look at this! It’s homemade fried venison tenderloin bites, black eyed peas, and rice with gravy. So good, and definitely a Southern-style comfort meal. Thank you so much, Uncle Keith!!

Check out this photo of Emerson from back in 2020, wearing the same dress Addison was wearing today. Emmie was almost 3, and Addie is almost 2.5, but the dress is a 2T because these girls are teeny 🙂

Our book club is reading “Lessons in Chemistry” this month. I actually started it on audio at the end of last year, but wasn’t interested, so I abandoned it at only like 6%. But I got the Kindle version, and gave it another try for the book club. I’m about 20% now, and actually liking it much better. And then while scrolling today, I saw that it’s actually being turned into a new tv series coming out next month, and it looks really good from this new trailer, which was just released yesterday!

Love this cute picture of Addie having fun out on the playground this afternoon!

Finished this audio book this afternoon, and it was so good. It’s a collection of essays, which are actually just his reviews of random things from Piggly Wiggly, to sunsets, to his favorite band. I’m usually not a huge fan of essay collections, so I didn’t even consider reading this for the first two years after it was published. But then a book-tok account I trust (we have very similar tastes) highly recommended it, especially via audio ready by the author himself, so I decided to give it a chance. Within the first few minutes of realizing it was basically a book of “Google reviews,” I was already intrigued, as I love writing restaurant reviews on Google, and of course book reviews on Goodreads. The essays were insightful, very well researching, interesting, and emotional. I chuckled out loud many times while listening, and felt both heart-warmed and heartsick at different moments. I’m very glad I gave this a shot, and that I why, I give “The Anthropocene Reviewed,” 4 and a half stars.

Of course it was Friday pizza night once we all got home. Jeff actually took care of getting things taken care of, and was very proud of his ring of pizza rolls around the outside of our thin crust supreme pizza.

We also made a couple buckets of popcorn to go with the pizza, and just watched “Up” on Disney+ while we ate.

The girls and I all snuggled up on the couch for a while after we ate, and watched more of the movie. It got kinda late though and we couldn’t finish it, because they were both exhausted. So Jeff took care of Addie, and Emmie read me a book, before she was barely able to keep her eyes open anymore.

I’m not washing any dishes tonight, and I’ll just take care of those tomorrow, since I just wanna continue watching tv and being lazy and doing nothing the rest of the night.

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