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Thursday mornings can sometimes be rough after late Wednesday nights, but both girls woke up a little early, and were sweet and happy, and we had a good morning! (Thank you to Grandmommie, for always remembering to pray for us on Thursdays!)

Went out to lunch with my work unit today at Midtown Caboose, for our bi-monthly outing. Today I got the Garnet & Gold cheeseburger, that had both BBQ & honey  mustard, with sauteed onions. Yum.

My new carpool friend and fellow Gilchrist/gymnastics mama picked up Emmie and her daughter Emma from school today, and took them both to the gym. Afterwards, she dropped Emmie off at Nana’s office (which is conveniently literally right next door to daycare), so she got to hang out with her just a bit before I got there after work. And wouldn’t you know it, Nana provided her with a tiny diet coke, goldfish & peanut M&M’s 🙂

We were listening to “Firm Foundation” on the way home, and Addison yells out, “It’s Uncle Bo singing!” It was obviously not, but that was cute and funny. Then a minute or so later, during the same song, Emerson was like, “How can you build a house on Him?” And I said, “Oh it’s not a physical house, not a real one.” And she immediately responded, “Oh you build your trust on Him?!” So I said “Yeah kinda, you build your faith and life on Him!” But I really liked her answer too.

Addie felt the need to climb up on top of the counter when I was getting dinner started, and wanted to color this little bookmark she found. She was very cute about it.

We had breakfast for dinner tonight, with cheesy scrambled eggs, oven-baked bacon, pears, and I took the easy way out with some frozen pancakes I just toasted up.

Emerson was starving after all that hard work at gymnastics, and girlfriend completely cleaned her plate. And then she asked for seconds, and ate more pancakes and eggs!

Addison on the other hand ate like 2 bites of her plate, and then got down and wandered around for a while. She finally came back to the table, and wanted to sit ON the table, and she wanted to eat off Emerson’s plate instead of her own. So we sneakily scraped her eggs onto Emmie’s plate, and then she let me feed her a decent amount of bites finally.

Jeff had an older Amazon Kindle Fire tablet that he wasn’t really using much anymore. So he ordered a kids’ case for it, and converted it over to a kids tablet, so we could give it to Addie. She doesn’t really know what to do with it yet, but she was able to queue up a video or two tonight. And with both of them entertained, for possibly 10 whole minutes, I was able to read a tiny bit.

Addie had a fit when I took her Kindle away for bedtime, so that was rough. But we worked through it, and got her under control, and left her with Daddy to chill out. Then Emmie and I did some bedtime reading and updated her daily reading log for school. Also, please notice her little cup of diced carrots she’s snacking on in bed. And then she specifically stopped eating, so she could eat them again another night. So cute.

After I finished up with Emmie (she was almost completely asleep by then), I went back to the living room to check on Jeff and Addie, and baby sister was still totally wide awake just having the time of her life hanging out with Daddy. So I’ve been in the front room writing this post for a while, and hopefully Addie is asleep by the time I go back in there again.

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