Last Swim of the Summer

We had some more of the frozen pancakes for breakfast today, and then very slowly got ourselves ready for the day. The girls wanted to keep it cute in their little matching Baby Yoda dresses.

Baby sister wanted Big Sister to get her buckled up in the car seat.

On our way out to Grammy’s house, Addison couldn’t make it, and fell asleep about half way there, around 10am. But she woke me up at like 6am this morning, so she was definitely tired already.

But these sweet girls were so excited to see their Grammy for the first time in a few weeks. Emmie stayed here loving here for a few minutes, but Addie stayed right there in that exact same spot for like 15-20 minuets, just so sweet and content and happy.

And then it was swim time! It was actually a little cloudy and chilly for half of the time, and we were waiting for the sunshine to come out. Once it did though, it was perfect and felt so great.

Papa pointed out that technically, this is the last swim of the summer, since it will officially be fall this next week. Now, we know that doesn’t mean anything here in Florida, but next weekend will be fall, but we’ll probably still get to swim another time or two…

One of Mama’s church friends had recently dropped off this shepherd’s pie from Tasty Pastry, so we baked that for lunch today, and it was really good. Plus green beans & yeast rolls, and yummmm.

We gave Papa his overdue birthday present today (only a month late), but the girls commandeered these Charlie Brown pumpkin socks for themselves for a bit. We did give them back before we left though 😉

We headed back home shortly after lunch, so the girls could both take good naps in their own beds. While they slept, I ran to the library to pick up some of the books we had on hold for both myself and Emerson. I also filled up my gas tank while I was out, and it was actually so nice to just go out and about by myself, without rushing around chaotically, while listening to my audio book, and just being on my own.

Emmie had a good nap and woke up after about 1.5 hours; but Addie was out cold, and had to be woken up after about 2.5 hours, so we could go over to Nana & PopPop’s house for dinner.

Nana had gotten them little painting crafts at the Dollar Tree, and that was a great activity. It soon turned into painting the inside of a cardboard rice box, and then eventually straight onto the thin plastic tablecloth.

Little bit of playtime in the kiddie kitchen after dinner and painting, and then we kinda rushed home so they could get in the bath before bedtime.

We did get them into the tub for a super quick bath, and then snack and Bluey, all cuddled up together super sweetly on the couch.

I did Emerson’s bedtime routine with her, and Jeff got Addison to sleep, as usual. They used to always sit in the recliner together, but they’ve been doing it like this the past week or so, and she looks so cute laying there.

Today was a great day. Loved getting to hang out with our families and swim and eat good food and read a little bit too. Looking forward to another good day tomorrow.

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