So remember last weekend when I made the cowboy caviar for a baby shower at work, but I made it a week too early? Well yesterday I defrosted it in the fridge, and took it in today, and it was delicious! It was just like it was brand new fresh. And everyone liked it. So win-win. But I forgot to take any photos at our shower/luncheon, so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

On the way home, Emerson fell asleep holding her toys, and it was adorable.

Here are some random cute photos of her throughout the day, just because she’s flat-out adorable…

Then tonight, we decided to save ourselves the trouble of cooking, and just eat leftovers from last night, with cold milk in a cute cup from the wedding we went to last weekend. Emmie had strawberries & peach Cheerios. I also let her try a piece of bacon (by just putting a large piece in her mouth to taste, then took it away), then gave her the tiniest bite of it to actually eat, and of course she loved that too.

In a few minutes, I’ll go finish up some dishes from last night, while listening to my current audiobook. Then we’ll finish watching “The Black Panther,” which we started last night. Hope y’all had a good Monday!

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