Girls’ Dinner with Grandmommie

OK first of all, I got ran out & grabbed Chipotle for lunch today. Yum! I don’t get to eat it very often, because Jeff doesn’t like it (he hates cilantro), but I LOVE their cilantro-lime rice and fajita veggies. I always get the chicken burrito bowl. I brought it back to my office to eat because 1.) I hate eating by myself in public, and 2.) I wanted to read in privacy like the true introvert that I am. (Yes, I’m an introvert, and I do I see the irony of writing a public blog…)

Then tonight, Emerson and I got to have a girls’ dinner with Grandmommie! Our family is still in Dallas, so it was a really nice time with just the three of us. Grandmommie once again fixed a delicious Southern-style supper of fried cube steak, rice & gravy, butter peas, and yeast rolls. Oh, plus fresh peaches, and her strawberry Jell-O salad (which is basically Jell-O & marshmallows), which Emerson was just crazy about!

(We took off her clothes for dinner, because she was wearing a borrowed white onesie that I didn’t want to stain with Jell-O & peaches!)

And then Emerson surprised us! Usually, she will only walk with her little walker, and if you try to hold her hands & get her to walk, she just plops down on her bottom. But tonight, she was making laps around the living room!!!

On a not-so-good note, say a prayer for my hubby, won’t ya? The reason I drove myself to work today, and he wasn’t at dinner with us tonight, is because he’s having some serious stomach issues. Jeff saw his doctor today about it, and he’s ordered a CT scan & a possible endoscopy. So it feels like kind of a big deal. Pray we can figure it out, and that he heals quickly!

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