Eyes & Emmie & Eggs

I literally just finished my current Kindle book, “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” and my head is still kind of immersed in that. It was originally published in 1937, as one of the first “Afro-American feminist novels,” and chronicles the life of the main character Janie, and her journey from “object” to “subject.” It was really good. It was physically difficult to read though, because it’s written just like they would have talked back then, so the spelling is all weird and crazy sometimes, so you kind of have to just keep on reading and figure it out as you go. (For example, “Don’t need tuh ast me where Ah been all dis time, ‘cus it’s mah all day job tuh tell yuh.”) But it was still good.

Not much else to report today, so I’ll just skip to the Emerson stuff, sound good? She surprised us by popping another tooth through last night, so now she’s got 5 in there! And just look at how adorable my baby girl is! She has just started this sticking-her-tongue-out business in the last few days, but it’s so hilarious and I love it.

Oh, and I had scrambled eggs with everything seasoning & Colby jack cheese at the totally reasonable hour of 9:15 p.m., so there’s that.

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