Knife Skills

Precious little pink ladies, ready for school on this Monday morning. Unfortunately, Addie fell off a chair and hit an end table, and had an instant bruise on her cheek, and a little mark on the corner of her eye.

Lots of cute pictures of Addie from school, which lets me know she had a good day, despite her fall early this morning.

At dinner time tonight, Emerson wanted to help me, so we got our her kid-safe knife, and she helped me chop of veggies for the meat sauce for spaghetti, and helped me cut up romaine lettuce for Caesar salads. She was so sweet, and did a great job, and we had a yummy dinner! We’ve still got some work to do on her knife skills, but she’s learning well!

After dinner, I immediately started putting away the leftovers and cleaning up the counter and washing most of the dishes, while Jeff took care of the girls for a little bit.

Emmie had a bit of a meltdown, over typical tired-5-year-old kid stuff, but we worked our way through it, and got her calmed back down. Then Jeff rocked Addie to sleep, while I did bedtime with Emmie. She ate a frozen go-gurt while I read her a little chapter from her little book, and then went about the rest of her bedtime business.

Jeff and I started a Netflix docuseries last night called “The Staircase,” so we’re gonna watch an episode of that while I re-paint my fingernails, since I only did my toenails the other day, so I’ll paint my hands to match tonight.


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