Housework and BBQ

We did another super early grocery pick-up this morning, and then came home and made breakfast after getting most things (at least the cold things) put away. I had some leftover ground sausage from the frittata last week, so I used that to make sausage, egg & cheese tortilla wraps, and they turned out delish. (Even if I got Jeff’s a little too dark; but luckily he actually likes it that way.)

I made Emmie a whole big one as well (instead of a small size one), and girlfriend tore it up. She really loves her some breakfast food! I’d say it’s probably her favorite.

I put salsa on mine, and it was gooood.

Today, even though Jeff just had spinal surgery a few days ago, we went crazy working around the house. Nita, my Mom and Grandmommie all came over and helped us work around the house. Last Saturday, I mentioned we had started working on the front bedroom that we’ve used as a super messy storage room for years, and we made some major progress today, with all of our helpers. I’d say we’re probably about 80% done with the cleanout of that room, and then next, we’re moving the boys’ bedroom up to that room, so we can make their current bedroom the new nursery.

So because of all the work we were doing, I didn’t take many photos throughout the day… But not only did we clean out that front bedroom, but they also helped by washing dishes and folding clothes and going through old paperwork. So all of that help was a big blessing today. We have the greatest family!

Oh and Nita and I both took a trunk full of stuff to donate to The Living Harvest, so that’s good to have all of that out of the house as well.

The family all left late this afternoon, and then we sat down to read some books and watch tv and get some good rest, since we’d been working so hard all day.

A sweet church friend had 4Rivers delivered for dinner, and that was soooo delicious and easy for dinner. I don’t know what I was thinking making my plate so huge, because I couldn’t quite finish all of this, but dang it was good. Thank you, Jennifer, for this delicious meal!

Emmie had a nice long bath after dinner, while I sat and rested some more nearby. She’sĀ almost to the point where she can do the whole bath by herself, but she still needs some help with washing and rinsing her hair. But man I’ll be glad for the day when I can just sit and relax and she can take care of herself at bath time šŸ˜‰


As you can imagine, I’m now dead. D-E-D. Dead. So I’m taking my pregnant booty to the couch, where we’ll watch some Netflix or something, but I’ll probably end up falling asleep in like, 15-20 minutes…

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